Thursday, August 23, 2012

State Democrats Fashioning a Sad Reality Show

Taken individually, each of the stories raises eyebrows. Taken collectively, it has to make you wonder what's going with state Democrats.

Read the list, then judge for yourself:

The Bill DeWeese fiasco at least appears to be heading into the sunset as party officials selected someone to run in his spot on the November ballot. No need to rehash DeWeese's situation, other than to say he's in prison ... and still planned on running for re-election.

Then we have the curious case of Mike Gerber, the Montgomery County lawmaker seen as many as a candidate for governor down the road. He resigned a few weeks ago, rather suddenly, to head back to the private sector and, one can only suspect, a much bigger paycheck with a lot less public scrutiny. For a man who generated a lot of buzz while in office, Dems sure are keeping mum about the whole thing.

Finally, we have Joe Brennan who said yesterday that he won't seek re-election. Like DeWeese, Mr. Brennan has legal problems, though nothing related to his office. He's facing charges involving assault of his wife and drunk driving.

Maybe it's just a matter of these types of things happening in threes, but state Democrats seem to be on the brink of a real image problem.

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