Monday, October 1, 2012

Pa. Dems Tout Fundraising Advantage

Kathleen Kane, Rep. Eugene DePasquale, and Rob McCord all have reason to celebrate. With only six weeks to go until the general election, each Democratic candidate holds a fundraising advantage.

Mrs. Kane, the Democratic candidate for attorney general, has generated over $1.4 million, and was left with $1.2 million on hand. Her opponent, Cumberland County DA Dave Freed, has raised $807,000 since May and has $1.2 million on hand.

Similarly, the Democratic candidate for auditor general, Rep. Eugene DePasquale, holds a slight lead in fundraising over Republican challenger state Rep. John Maher. Mr. DePasquale raised $243,000, with almost $200K on hand. Mr. Maher reported raising $152,000, with only $86,000 on hand.

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