Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Same state, different world

You can leave our area in the morning, get to Harrisburg for a leisurely lunch and still be back home well before the afternoon traffic surge.

Yet the two cities are separated by more than miles on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Both cities are political, intensely so, but the cultures stand in start contrast to one another. Stereotypes come easily and the divisions are clear.

And one thing is certain - despite the differences, the two cities are inextricably connected. Everything that happens within the state government has direct, though sometimes subtle, impact on Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania suburbs. Likewise, Philadelphia's influence in the state government cannot be overstated, let alone denied.

We'll be looking at all of that, and much more here at Meanwhile, In Harrisburg. Like the traffic on the turnpike, the news and information flows between the two cities and we'll let you know what's coming down the road.

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